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World Champion!

Hours on end perfecting my equipment, my skills and my patience has been wrapped into my 2nd A-Cat World Championship title. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this years performance. This year I am by far the busiest ever trying to balance being a competitive sailor, designer, Olympic coach, sailmaker, factory rider and most importantly . . . a Dad! Within the somewhat chaotic days I have found an incredible focus which makes me stronger at achieving my goals. I don’t have time to go back and forth about decisions or questions, I have to be decisive and smart and trust myself.

I won every race sailed this year. It feels unreal. In all of the training we knew that the new DNA F1 was an incredible boat but until we sailed alongside the exploder we couldn’t be sure. The boat was fast, good to handle and I was on fire. My new sail design also is a piece of the puzzle. I couldn’t be prouder to see the “Mischa Sails” logo in the corner of my main. I had worked hard on the decksweeper and had given my design away to all competitors interested in order to become a commercial product.

All in all it came together and I know of many things that could have even been better. I will save these for the next Worlds!

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