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Nacra 17 NED – training Scheveningen

Coen & Mandy Nacra 17

The team has qualified to compete in the 2016 Olympics of Rio Brazil.

I have committed to work with Coen & Mandy in the quest to win an Olympic medal. Starting in September 2014, I started working first with both Dutch teams on the technical aspects and speed for the Nacra 17. In Miami, January 2015, I started working exclusive with Coen & Mandy in preparation for the Dutch trials.

The 2015 World championship in Aarhus was a success. After winning the selections we have been working on individual tasks in the Medemblik and Weymouth World Cup. In Aarhus we worked on speed and manoeuvres the week before the Worlds. We were fortunate with the weather and could use the days to the maximum. They sailed a great regatta to finish with a Bronze.

In preparation for the Olympic test event in Rio half of August we trained in Scheveningen. Since the weather was rough for the first three days we had time to measure all the equipment. This is also important work so now worked out great.

Day four we got a very sporty training day with big waves and good wind. Manoeuvres got better and better since I kept blowing the whistle frequently pushing them to the edge of making mistakes. As trainer I keep finding the difficult moments with increase in breeze and crazy waves to make them do manoeuvres.

The last day the wind was sub five knots which gave a great opportunity to do boat handling. Coen got a true work out, they had to do 60 laps around the coach boat including hoist and drop of the kite. The cool thing was that instead of getting tired they got better and faster.

Now they are in Rio Brazil to prepare for the Olympic test event.

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