Mischa Sails

  • 1st and 2nd at 2016 World Championships
  • 1st Master A-Cat World Championships

Sails are the engine of the boat. Using your sails efficiently is a major aspect in success. I’d be happy to take a look at your sails combined with your entire platform (boat weight, rules, type of sailing, budgets, etc).

Materials, craftsmanship, shape philosophy and a huge amount of testing makes for fast sails. It all started in “De Piet’s garage” working days and night by hand that in turn led to a strong base of understanding of all aspects of the trade. Times have changed and designing by hand is done side by side with computer programs followed by profile and behaviour checks with digital camera’s and videos and pushing the limits with fabrics and new theories.

A-Class Mischa Sails are in stock and tailor designed on request. Several designs for various weight and mast configurations are available now. Leave a message if you’re interested! Tuning guides also available.

Special requests for other boats? Don’t hesitate to contact!

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