Seminar – Future of Foiling?

Today I presented a seminar about foiling during the Sail Today Winter Training in Muiderzand. It is nice to see a big group with many new faces all interested in the pinnacle of the sport. The explanation included  how the stability during foiling works, which different designs are for speed and which are for control.

Foiling design incorporates all the forces working on a boat to be balanced. My engineering degree comes in handy with all this new technology. I am able to translate the information into a story for everyone to follow and learn from. I use 3D drawings, videos and visuals and stories to teach. 

The most important aspect of the presentation is to clearly explain all forces working together to create a stable, foiling boat. Some classes and boats have regulations which pushes the designers to find the most efficient and fastest solutions within these rules. This is the most difficult part of the design strategy. It is indeed relatively easy to make a boat foil but to make it strong, light, affordable and user friendly is the more difficult part.

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