G4 – Holland Composites Update

As member of DNA design team I pushed for this boat to be the first foiling cruiser. An idea I am convinced about because of my experience with the smaller foiling boats and their relaxing behaviour.

I designed the boards and the rudders as well as the perfomance behaviour of this machine. Rudo Enserink made this boat look bad ass as he did the design.

Yes, relaxing behavior! The winglets on the rudder and the lifting boards are demping the movement of the boat. With the rake control on the boards you can choose how much the board is assisting the boat up to hunderd percent where it starts flying. The flying aspect of the boat is designed to be exciting but very safe and stable. The geometry of the board is a very stable one plus the board is designed to have lift off around nineteen knots of boatspeed. This makes the boat easy to sail in a skimming mode where boards and boat work together.

One of the design aspects is that the boat can be sailed with one person. All the controls are led to the driver position who can open all the jammers and control the boat from his seat.

Carrie and I enjoyed our ride, Antigua to St Maarten a downwind cruise at twenty knots of speed in 20knots of wind. No foiling but nice foil assisted ride while having a laugh with friends.

Very proud of this project!

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