Seminar – Future of Foiling?

Today I presented a seminar about foiling during the Sail Today Winter Training in Muiderzand. It is nice to see a big group with many new faces all interested in the pinnacle of the sport. The explanation included  how the stability during foiling works, which different designs are for speed and which are for control.

Foiling design incorporates all the forces working on a boat to be balanced. My engineering degree comes in handy with all this new technology. I am able to translate the information into a story for everyone to follow and learn from. I use 3D drawings, videos and visuals and stories to teach. 

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NACRA 17 NED – training in Brazil

Working with mostly with the Dutch Nacra 17 team Coen & Mandy who will be attending the Olympics for the Netherlands in Rio.

Training in Buzios Brazil is an efficient place to train. The team made great progress with starts and jibing routines. Working for and together with Team Brazil and Denmark in this training made good progress in the variety of circumstances. The great many starting drills made everybody sharp.

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Nacra 17 NED – training Scheveningen

Coen & Mandy Nacra 17

The team has qualified to compete in the 2016 Olympics of Rio Brazil.

I have committed to work with Coen & Mandy in the quest to win an Olympic medal. Starting in September 2014, I started working first with both Dutch teams on the technical aspects and speed for the Nacra 17. In Miami, January 2015, I started working exclusive with Coen & Mandy in preparation for the Dutch trials.

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