A clearer view from above

Vacations are extremely powerful. An opportunity to be distracted by the beauty and the differences to our regular life allows our brains to turn off in some ways. Carrie and I love active vacations and they are best with close friends. This won’t change now that we have Skylar, the vacations will just be a bit different.

What an amazing trip so far! Amazing food, snow and weather and all with our little nugget close to our side. (She didn’t actually go skiing but she did go up the mountain on the gondolas!) Active vacations are also great for our fitness and they help to let our minds wander. What better place than in Venice and Cortina. The floods of Venice in our first weekend simultaneously dumped more than a meter of powder to create the best powder playground in the Dolomites that we have ever expected.

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Contingency planning as coach

What started as a super launch of the 2017 season ended with a team who lost the energy to finish the Worlds. We won OCR but then this high point was quickly reversed due to some team negotiations. An Olympic journey seems very simple to outsiders. What people don’t realise is that because you are living up to one moment in time (THE GAMES) that the decision making on a day to day becomes trying to plan for the “unknown”. All of the teams are excellent at getting the majority correct but the team that wins is the team that was better able to plan for what they didn’t know would happen.

What happens if one of us gets sick? What happens is our coach can’t make it to the course? What do we do if it is different conditions than what we planned for?

In the end we lost track of focusing on the Worlds as the Worlds and then we couldn’t reach our goal. This balance of looking towards the Games and just “becoming the best team” could and does make teams crazy.

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ACat planning – 2016 strategy

The NEW DNA F1 coming soon

We all know that a new boat launch from DNA is in the planning but there are many questions.

What are the important details and priorities? Focus on foiling or focus on light air speed? Effective around the race course, windage, rig shape, sail shape?? It is all coming together but the deadlines are looming. Will production be ready, will we have made the right calls? All I can say is that we have a great team who is open to ideas, criticism of all ideas, out of box thinking and taking risk. This should be the winning combination.

At DNA we have spent a lot of time to perfect the new DNA F1. We are convinced that we have made strong decisions calculating risks and look forward to showing our clients the end product.

Let’s see what happens. More info to follow!

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Skylar is born

“Truly the most amazing moment of my life . . . by far.”

Life makes sense. On December 14th very early in the morning I witnessed incredible focus, power and pain and before I knew it (+- 15 hours later) I witnessed fragility, wonder and amazement. I already know that I will be able to focus better in life because I have a little one to protect and love. The transformation in my mind is beyond words. I had no idea that this moment would be this powerful . . . And now on to the diaper table!

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Inside the athlete bubble. Indaba

Why is it that for some people an event can be incredibly important and for the others they think of it as a chore. The indaba is a well thought out several days in order to bring across a message from the sport federation to the athletes. In theory it all makes sense but for whatever reason, it totally misses the mark. The athletes can not open their minds to things other than their own training and plans and the federation has a directional message . . . directing the athletes to act and be a certain role model. So what should be done different? Good question. Top sporters are interesting as they live in a bubble and I still haven’t decided if this is a good thing or bad thing. More to follow.

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