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Acat sailing foiling

A-Cat Italian Champs – 6 bullets

Its been a busy winter with many different projects but the #1 priority seems to be continued to be pushed into the background. My goal this year is to win the Worlds. The launch of the DNA has so far seemed perfect but is my boat ready yet . . . no. We have a bit more information on the competition but now is the time to learn to use the new machine in all of the conditions and to create the settings. I am always very open and I will admit that at this stage I am not comfortable yet. The boat and I are performing well together in flat, gusty conditions but in chop and swell I have a lot to work on. Another issue is that I am spending the majority of time getting all of my clients up to speed with what I know so far. Looking at my schedule and my responsibilities I realize that it is going to be a marathon leading up the Worlds. I feel more focused than ever but lets hope that I can find the energy and the time in between the chaos of the “real World” to find the sweet spots and ideas.

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