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Mischa Heemskerk is a smart creative, a source of new idea’s, always curious and never satisfied with the status quo. Constantly identifying future problems, opportunities and creating solutions. An engineer with a strong imagination, action driven, a team player, values idea’s and sees positive in all. Mischa is detailed, has strong international communication skills, loves teaching and is thought to be “a character” and can present with flair and charisma.

A mechanical engineer who can work and think in materials, design, build and can relate this to race course situations.

2x World Champion

11x Vice World Champion


DNA Development Engineer including TF-10, G4, F4, F1
A cat J, Z board and rudder development.
J board first real foiling board, Z board more control board, L rudders more control during foiling.
Rotating daggerboard opening bullet
G4 Gunboat 40 design team
Boat conversion to foiling boats. M20 / Nacra 20 / A cat Marstrom / Tornado
C Class Hydros, foiling C class, wing driven catamaran
GC32 test sail and layout and steering development for the foiling class.
Gunboat 62, helm, tactician, sail design consultant
Big boat Tactician & Trimmer
Xtreme 40 racing, helm / main trim / bowman

Magic Marine
Holland Composites
DNA A cats
Mischa Sails
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